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Having been blessed as a spectator and the fortunate recipient of a dozen plus aunts tirelessly competing amongst each other, life long, for cooking supremacy…and then having been kidnapped into the family restaurant business at the wee age of 16, Vic the Nosherie’s “infamous” leader, was groomed and inspired to achieve something great in the culinary industry. Genetically gifted with a natural ability to “speak food”, he set out to incite moments of passion through this universal language in those around him. Although he’ll always he second best (his aunt’s words; not his), The Nosherie was created to touch those who venture within. “Nosh” is defined as something to snack on, something to savour, and whether you engage in a slow, lovingly prepared roasted sandwich, a delicious hearty soup, a freshly prepared salad, or a simply divine cup of coffee, The Nosherie is intended to interrupt, distract, to make a difference in your day. And through its warm woods, tile and organic ambiance, it provides all this and so much more. Simply put, whether The Nosherie reminds you of something your momma made, as its intent, or captures you with an entirely new flavour sensation, it offers a minimalist menu with big huge flavours.


There’s a saying, quality over quantity, this very much applies to The Nosherie. People are sometimes surprised by the plentiful yet “smallish” menu. However, The Nosherie was founded on basic principles: do just a few things, but do them exceptionally well. We’ve found it common for someone to try one sandwich and keep coming back for the same, completely forgetting that other sections of the menu exist. Come in and try our slow roasted pulled pork sandwich, served on a freshly baked and toasted buttermilk bun, topped with our own sweet spicy Vietnamese pickled vegetables, or perhaps a “to die for” simmered masala butter chicken sandwich. Much like everything else served here it will be slowly and painstakingly prepared, but served ever so fast.









  • Really a great coffee shop...great breakfast and lunch options, friendly staff...loved it.
    Sudhir Pandya
  • What an awesome spot to find!! Their espresso is amazing, americano was my choice order. If you know good coffee stop here. It was full tasting, no hint of over roasting or burnt flavour, almost a nutty flavour and no acidity. To top it off, the lunches are great too.
    Britt Take
  • Popped in for a speedy lunch and grabbed a Reuben sandwich and Cauliflower & Kale side salad which was all A+.
    Jordan Scott
  • I just had a triple chocolate and I could say that this was the best of the similar kind I have tasted so far. Also the staff is very friendly and their welcoming nature needs to be very much appreciated. I recommend this place.
    Chandima Gangodawila
  • Totally loved the atmosphere! Really good food as we enjoyed a nutty smoothie and quinoa for breakfast. Really nice staff and an owner with a true passion for his business! Definitely check this out when you're around!
    Yfke Laanstra
  • Loved the simple menu - tasty, healthy, new combinations but same food, things I know I like. Also great coffee. Thank you Nosherie.
    Renise Ayearst


575 West Georgia Street
(between Richards and Seymour)
Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z5
M-F: 7:30 – 5:30
Closed Weekends & Statutory Holidays


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